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Note: PRO-BOT prior to version 4.1 were release under the name of PRO-RCX, and before that, under the name of RCX-Command. 
PRO-BOT 2000 (v4.1): Released September 16th, 2001.

Not much changed except the name.

PRO-BOT 2000 (v4.0): Released January 15th, 2001

Version 4.0 introduces minor changes on the outside. Inside, the editor zones were all changed, incorporating the WinMax control called CodeMax. Using this control, coloring the syntax is easier, and achieved with faster performance. Further, an Help file is now included in the package.

PRO-BOT 2000 (v3.0): Released February 14th, 2000

Version 3.0 represents a totally changed PRO-BOT. While it still produces SPIRIT.ocx compatible codes, with appropriate declares and defines, the code the user see is really comprehensive, such as If( toto = limit), will generate codes like If(0,2,2,2,11).

The event-handler let you see the state of your events, and stop them if you wish. by simply double-clicking on them.
Rationalized the code: reduced by 33%, and speed increased by 50% on both colors and compiling.
Modified the Define preprocessor directive: It can now concatenate strings, for a better control of the file names.
Introduce pipes to redirect output to files (>> and >>> in UNIX).  Makes it easy to build reports and visualize them.
Add PC-based commands PCSendMessage, InputBox, and SetOptions.  Start can also release the com port handle, so that your home-made programs can use the IR tower too.
Replace the < and > symbols used for comment with { and }.  Makes it easier to define relational operators such as Define > (,0,)  If ( toto > joe).
UploadDatalog has no limit anymore.
Defined built-in strings such as %AppPath% and %ProgName% and user-defined strings, that are evaluated during preprocessing, such as ?What is your name?.
Corrected a bug with PBPowerDown time.
Version 2.3: Released December 16th, 1999
Added a command Declare that makes it easier to use variables and constant. With declaration, you don't need to provide the "source" i.e. the nature of the element you are referring to in your program (is it a sensor, a variable...)
Version 2.2: released September 2nd, 1999
Improved help. Some more work are needed though... I could use some help here...
Removed the nice background; it didn't rescale easily.
Version 2.1: released February 12th, 1999
Corrected a bug with the "New" button
Corrected a malfunction with the Com port configuration
Improved the speed of the preprocessor by 40%
The size of the window (and the editor zones) can now be resized
Added a command SetFormat for the format of the uploaded information
Version 2.0: released February 5th, 1999
Add a true popup menu containing general definitions grouped under 12 categories.
Improved help: the type of commands are shown along with a short description.
Downloading times are shown for each tasks and subs.
SPIRIT.ocx error messages are enabled and can be seen through PRO-BOT
A new PC-based command, PAUSE, is added.
Version 1.9 (beta version): released January 12th, 1999
Presented under the temporary name 'RCX command', contained most of the RCX commands.
PRO-BOT can download Datalog of arbitrary length (not limited at 50) by using UploadDatalogAppendTo()