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Robotic Arm (V1.0)

full arm
What use is it for? Close-up of the hand See the pumping station

Possible uses of this robotic arm

sight of the base

Let's imagine a game of life. A game where a single organism must learn to live, otherwise, it dies. What would be needed for such a organism in order to survive? Its first imperative is that it needs to "feed", i.e. to bring some "food" at a certain location, before a certain time has elapsed.

To be able to run that kind of simulation, we need to interface all the possible movements to a computer, along with some sensory input which could measure presence of pressure. We haven't done that interface, but we're working on it. With that hardware, and a neural network plugged into the computer, we still need to incite the simulation to bring food to its mouth.

If you have an idea, why not send me an e-mail?

I have an idea, but I'm not sure I can put this on internet...

Close-up of the hand

close sight of the hand

This arm is composed of three air pistons dedicated to three different movements:

opening or closing the hand,
turning hand 45 degrees from horizontal (as in picture) to vertical, in the east-west axis
same movement, but in the north-south axis
This gives the hand multiple possibilities to catch objects.

Here is the hand in various positions:

Pumping station and control device

The main difficulty was controlling the pneumatic switches using Legos. The pages on pneumatic in the section Physics of Lego suggests a few methods.