Elise Hébert Véronique Bourdeau David Ferland McCollough Anick Auger Mathieu Lupien Walter Rocha Julie Deschenes Sylvie Mader Denis Nguyen David Laperrière Grégoire Herouet-Zeiber Amir Emtiazjoo Samuel Chagnon
Our laboratory consists of a team of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research assistants whose main research interests are the mechanisms of action of nuclear receptor ligands, in particular estrogen and retinoic acid, in the control of cancer cell growth (please see publications). Experimental approaches used to investigate these areas combine classical cellular physiology and molecular biology with genomics/proteomics and bioinformatics. A specific page is dedicated to the ERE database, generated through a whole-genome screen for high-affinity estrogen response elements.

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