Rochefort group website

Welcome to the Rochefort group website. My research group is part of the Chemistry Department of the Université de Montréal since 2004.

Electrochemistry is a fascinating discipline that captivated my interest since my first attempts at understanding cyclic voltammetry during the early stages of my training. Over the years, I was given the opportunity to discover many research areas where a knowledge of electrochemistry can be put to great use. The reasearch program I have developed involves the study of electrochemical reactions occurring in electrical energy conversion and storage systems, the development of catalysts for fuel cells and electrochemical capacitors, and enzyme immobilization and catalysis relevant to biosensors and biofuel cells applications.

News from the group:

We come here to be philosophers; and I hope you will always remember that whenever a result happens, especially if it be new, you should say, « What is the cause? Why does it occur? » and you will in the course of time

find out the reason.


                                                                                           - Michael Faraday

Opportunity for a graduate student. We are currently looking to hire a grad student for a project on biomolecule coating on paper surfaces. If you are interested, please send a complete CV and a recent grade record to Dominic Rochefort