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Marion, Dominic, «Sade au bûcher. Lire, dire et penser la transgression à la lumière des supplices», London, University of Western Ontario, thèse de doctorat, 2014, ix/466 p. Dir. : Daniel Vaillancourt. URL : <>.

The nodal problem of this thesis is rooted in an observation: after scandalizing the public for two centuries, the figure of Sade now seems well integrated into Western popular culture. Our first chapter seeks to address this reversal according to the contrast between Sade’s initial reception at the end of the eighteenth century and his canonization in the prestigious “Bibliothèque de la Pléiade” collection at the end of the twentieth century. This thesis is structured by two diachronic journeys presented one after the other. Spread over chapters two to five, the first journey analyzes the modulations of Sade’s figure through its reception in the literary practices from the late eighteenth century to the early twenty-first century. In doing so, theoretical fields are solicited that intend to reflect on historiographical, sociological, psychoanalytical and aesthetic implications of this progressive reversal that marks the evolution of Sade’s figure. The second journey is concentrated in our final chapter: within a more resolutely comparative dynamic, Sade is there being put to question from an economic perspective that investigates the presence and use of money in his work. Thus is declined an history of monetary circulation capable of shedding light on the relationship between the libidinal economy of fiction and the development of sociopolitical power from the late seventeenth century to the contemporary advent of neoliberalism. The theoretical communication between these two diachronic journeys aims to restore a synchronic picture of Sade's work as an operator of visibility of the instinctual economy determined by the sociopolitical constraints of Western civilization.

Keywords: Georges Bataille • Capital • Censorship • Body • Criticism • Economy • Libidinal economy • Political economy • Eroticism • Excrement • Fascism • Figure • Sigmund Freud • Michel Foucault • Heterology • Heteronomy • History • Historiography • Literature • Madness • Karl Marx • Murder • Myth • Mythology • Philosophy • Phylogeny • Police • Politics • Power • Pleasure • Psychoanalysis • Rape • Reception • Sociology • Sacred • D.A.F. de Sade • Taboo • Torture • Transgression • Exchange value • Use value • Violence • Waste


Couverture de Sade et ses lecteurs (2017)
Marion, Dominic, Sade et ses lecteurs. Une historiographie critique (XVIIIe-XXIe-siècle), Paris, Hermann, «Collections de la République des lettres», 2017, 300 p. ISBN : 9782705694708.

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